The June Strawberry Moon Has Come and Gone

The June Strawberry Moon Has Come and Gone

This past weekend we witnessed the June Strawberry Moon. On Saturday, the third of June, if you looked up at the sky just after sunset, you likely caught a glimpse of this stunning full moon. This full moon is the last of the spring/first of summer. While it does possess a similar color to a strawberry, that is actually not where the name comes from. So where exactly does the name originate and what is the history of the moon?

Why the nickname “Strawberry Moon?”

The full moon that comes in June has been referred to as the Strawberry Moon for quite some time. It does appear to have a color like that of a strawberry, as it appears to have a pinkish, almost reddish tone, but that is not why it earned the name of the Strawberry Moon. The name actually comes from Native American Algonquian, Ojibwe, Dakota, and Lakota tribes. The name stems from the fact that the moon marks the opening of June and thus the season in which strawberries flourish in growth.

The reddish hue actually comes simply from the fact that it is close to the horizon. Moons that settle close to the horizon reflect a red tone as their placement causes light rays to pass through the heaviest layers of the atmosphere, creating a red color.

The moon also has a few other names that it goes by to separate groups of people.

The Anishinaabe tribe calls the June moon the Blooming Moon, as it represents the beginning of the flowering season. The Cherokee tribe refers to the moon as the Green Corn Moon as it represents the time to tend to young crops to them. All different groups of people use different names to refer to the moon as the moon represents different things to each group.

Not only does the moon go by a few different names, but it also has its own folklore behind it that. People say that after a moon that brings growth, like the Strawberry Moon, we enter a time that brings good luck to those getting married. People also say that the days following full moons tend to be rainy or stormy, sometimes even both. If you are a fan of fishing in any capacity, they say that crabbing, shrimping, and clamming are at their prime when there is a full moon.

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