Fentanyl Bust Keeps Going At U.S.-Mexico Border

So many drugs have been shipped between Mexico and United States. The authorities have had to grab hold of 3,000 pounds of fentanyl in San Diego County within the distance of March and May, while it also shows a 300% upgrade from the one time last year to now. In particular, the southwest border had been seen as an.

San Diego County is known as a “epicenter” for fentanyl trafficking while there’s been more drug dealing in local communities now than even beforehand.

About half of every fentanyl seizure, all along the U.S.-Mexico border has been taken in the San Diego radius.

When noticing the effects of fentanyl on the national scale, there has been beyond 2,300 people dying from accidental fentanyl O.D. cases since about 2019. All of this is accordingly accurate, as noted by data derived from the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Such a drug itself has majorly inconvenienced many unhoused communities, while the overall number of fatal overdoses where fentanyl was a factor had been lower in 2022, and moreso even in 2023.

Therefore, the safest assumption to make is how all the authorities around San Diego have been able to snatch around 8,800 pounds. This would totally topple the quantity that has been taken in the past fiscal year with only four months left. All in accordance to data derived from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Such an increase will show through in many years of fentanyl seizures prominent in the San Diego area. That’s been the case since about 2019. Through five years, the fentanyl that continuously gets seized by authorities has gone beyond the original amount recorded, about five times over.

Such data does not account for a more grim question: how much fentanyl remains undiscovered within the community?

Other worries that come across regarding Fentanyl include the purity of which is possible to be found in the fentanyl itself. Such a discovery could be indicative of just how lethal and what the dosage is within every offering of the most dangerous drug.

Higher volumes of drug trade could definitely lead to more risks for the community.

As it stands, cocaine and methamphetamine keeps accounting for such a huge share of illegal drugs that may even outpace and replace the heroin’s very own rates.

The Agency has been going through many various drug busts and have seen the hundreds of pounds of fentanyl crossing through, within a sedan at the Otay Mesa Port of Entry.

As interdiction is not simply the only answer when solving the drug dilemma, the natural course of action is to truly diffuse the substance abuse problems that lay consistent in the United States.

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