Why Should You Ship Your Vehicle?

Are you or someone you know moving a large distance, like across several states or all the way across the country? Well, we suggest shipping your car! It takes so much extra hassle out of the moving process and can eliminate a large amount of stress for you and your family! Shipping your vehicle will also ultimately save you time and money! Who does not want to save on stress, time, and money?

Shipping your car with us here at San Diego Auto Transport is the best decision you will make in your entire moving process! You will be putting your trust in the right hands. We are the most reliable auto shipping company with the most options for the best prices on the market! Whether you are looking to keep your car inside with enclosed auto shipping or go with the least expensive, most popular method of open auto shipping, we can do it all for you!

Save miles on your car when you ship it!

Sometimes a move can be thousands of miles of distance to cover. To drive your car that distance yourself, you would pay high prices in gas, time (since it would be a multi-day trip), and miles. You will put unnecessary wear and tear on your car by forcing it to drive that distance itself. Furthermore, if you have a lease, you would be wasting your limited miles! Take advantage of our shipping services to help keep your car in tip-top shape!

Going with our open car transportation service is a great idea, especially if you have a family with multiple cars. With our open-air shipping, you can ship multiple vehicles on the same truck, guaranteeing that all of your cars make it to your new home together.

If you are someone with a boat leaving San Diego, we can help with that too!

We do not just ship cars, so if you have things like a boat, an RV, or other transportation vehicles, we can ship them all! There is no reason to leave anything behind! Call us today and receive a free quote on shipping all of your vehicles today!

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