County Approves Financial Help To Forward $3 Million To Migrants

San Diego’s County Board of Supervisors have been able to agree on a 3 – 0 vote and it’s been decided. About $3 Million in legal aid is going to be sent to migrants and asylum seekers, all with plenty of needs, like translation assistance and transportation. Such a vote had finally arrived so long after a 60-minute long public hearing, where plenty of speakers, like some of the immigrant-rights groups had been able to vocalize support of the program.

Nora Vargas, the Board Chairwoman, alongside Terra Lawson-Remer and Joel Anderson, had been able to vote yes on the proposal. And not a moment too soon! This comes, mere days in the aftermath of runaways being transported into San Diego County.

Plenty were dropped off at transit stations by varied U.S. border agents.

In a twist, it was revealed that the Supervisor, Jim Desmond, wasn’t able to go, but they didn’t really need him anyway. The American Rescue Plan Act was enough to allow for $3Million to provide some monetary refuge for migrants and asylum seekers, that would allow for assistance to go forth past the San Diego County with geographic info, such as access to equipment and Wireless Fidelity, in order to give sponsor relatives contact, as well as food, snacks and water.

The Migrant situation itself was then declared by Vargas as a humanitarian crisis. But in earnest, the belief still held true that the responsibility as advocates for the community is to ensure there is enough dignity and respect treated fairly to the newcomers into town.

A general consensus to be sensed is that it’s necessary to bring in immigrants to the United States in the safest and most responsible of manners. As the border is crossed, nonprofits are said to have absorbed much responsibility, while, Casa Familar has served beyond 8,000 people from the last month at a recently-closed shelter, over there in the San Ysidro Civic Center.

The immigration system is easy to simplify, and yet, many don’t believe that opening the borders is safe.

In addition, the County Board believes in ending the legal aid program for immigrants as it would in particular help for taxpayers to not having their funds being sent for the deportation defense for criminal non-citizens, as it would end the Immigrant Rights Legal Defense Program which itself costs about $5 million every year. The estimate from the Department of Public Works showed about $250,000 moving towards representation for individuals with a history of convictions.

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