Toyota Tacoma X-Runner Concept Is A Sport Truck

Toyota looks forward to introducing the Tacoma in it’s new X-Runner concept car, all as it has a concentration on the newest and greatest features. Such a concept lays still upon a lowered suspension as it comes with a modified edition of the Tundra’s twin-turbocharged 3.4-liter V-6 engine that can generate around 421 horses and 479 pound-feet of torque. Additionally, there’s a huge excitement surrounding the X-Runner, just because it’s a relatively adventurous move on the part of Toyota.

What other modifications could come in from the Tacoma?

A strong axle within the Tundra comes with a 4.30:1 final drive with the proper electronic locking differential splits torque towards the rear wheels. All as the exhaust pipe leads towards the rocker panel upon the side of the truck.

From the underneath of the bodywork, there’s proper air suspension from the Tundra that crosses over into the Toyota that will allow the Tacoma to navigate at a low height as it’s strong enough to carry a load. There had also been an addition of 21-inch carbon-fiber wheels with forgery of aluminum centers inside the Michelin 285/45R21 Sport Tires.

As is such, the display truck happens to be covered in the identical Speedway Blue paint job as was the original Tacoma X-Runner having earlier showed up at the Chicago Auto Show, back in 2004.

When considering the strength of the Tacoma, an X-Runner version of the car would very well be in high-demand for strong performance packages, as a variation of Toyota’s famous car would be a welcome entry to what the streets can offer in the future. This is all in positive promotion of the capacity that the Tacoma can operate with, as it comes with 2.5-inch Bilstein shocks are found at every corner of the very vehicle in question.


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