Genesis G80 From 2025 Adapts To Resized Grille

Look at those gnashers! The 2025 Genesis G80 has a considerably bigger size in teeth, thanks to the new grille.

The Genesis G80 Sedan follows the SUV relative, the GV80, goes into the 2025 model year with a likely refresh. The revision of the front end and brand-new wheel designs could look slightly separate on the exterior. All while the huger changes are going to be seen inside, in specific, the new screen and the dashboard design can revolutionize the cabin remarkably. The outer changes had been creating small tweaks to the grille, front and rear bumpers and wheel designs. The new color had been known as Brooklyn Brown.

On the OLED screen, you can see all sorts of infotainment on the 27.0-inch screen, that can cover up about two-thirds of the dashboard, where it can combine a central display and digital gauge cluster, while utilizing the crisp graphics. There may still be just about two rotary knobs visible on the center console as it shows evidence of a gear shifting tool as well. The climate controls themselves are consistent with aa new layout with touch sensitive interfaces, all with hard knobs and buttons abound.

Genesis has not unleashed detailed specs as it has no changes to the G80’s two powertrains, while involving the turbo 2.5-liter inline-four as well as a twin-turbo 3.5 liter V.6 engine.

When looking for the electric vehicle edition of the G80, you’ll do best by noticing the name, called the Electrified G80. All while observing the G80 going on sale in the United States, all as the starting price rises higher than the $55,345.

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