Earthquake Shakes Up La Jolla, Coronado

Earthquakes are no joke. They happen to be a force of nature like no other. The twist and shake of an earthquake is truly of an abominable sort. When you feel it shake your entire body, it’s almost a sign that there’s a trauma in the middle of the earth, racing through the crust to find it’s home in your fears. That’s exactly what happened in that part of Southern California.

When did it happen?

It’s recently occurred as recent as Monday at 2:46 am.

Where did the earthquake happen to?

Off the coast, in the ocean. A mere 60 or something miles west of La Jolla-Coronado area. That’s not far from San Diego.

How bad did it affect the denizens?

It was only 4.4 on the Richter Scale. So no initial injuries were actually reported.

What matters during an earthquake?

Staying safe and protected from the threats of the outside.

How can you avoid an earthquake?

By being careful you can make sure that the surrounding area doesn’t collapse on you by hiding under a table. That may be the most smart way of going about it besides being outside.

Southern California sits on a division in the ground, that can cause a rupture in the Earth. The whole danger of it is how it shakes the ground above to no one’s delight.

It’s very difficult to see the earthquake by any evidence except for the shaking of the surroundings. The rumblings of the ground definitely are giving way to the changes of the future. There may be a concern for existing buildings if they don’t have that type of foundational integrity. The operation of the surrounding city is truly necessary for the surrounding landscape to be uplifted without being uprooted. It’s all extenuating circumstances to anticipate in advance before getting hurt.

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