Toyota Is Showing Off The Brand-New Electric SUV

Toyota Is Showing Off The Brand-New Electric SUV

Toyota themselves are deciding to show off the brand-new compact electric SUV in the form of the bZ4X. The Toyota itself is dragging it’s heels plenty in the electric vehicle industry. EVs are about less than all of Toyota’s very own 5.8 million sales through July. Toyota themselves have had a rollout of the first totally-electric vehicle, the bZ$X with a next-gen models.

In November, Toyota showed off the bZ compact SUV which might sit underneath the bZ4X, as it has maybe more of a pursuit for total electricity. The bZ compact SUV has an aerodynamic design while also installing tech features with never-before-seen qualities of Toyota models.

The Toyota EV SUV that has been teased will then full-length LED light bar which runs across the rear which can connect the taillights. As it’s zoomed in there’s plenty enough to notice the “BEV” badge right next to the blue circle. Of course, the Blue Circle had been shown on the prototype as of las November.

The tagline they have in Japan translates directly to “[the] badge from the Prius conveys the message that we value the happiness of people living on earth and want to pass it on to the next generation.”

It’s a sincere hope on everybody’s end that the Toyota electric SUV can come through with a strong and decisive wheel stance, short overhangs and even sweepback angles.

As you may notice the interior, you’ll see how it’s heavily focused on minimalism and connectivity with an in-car agent known as Yui, which can easily connect passengers to the vehicle itself.

There are not many details to the powertrain, but the next-generation EV models are likely to become way more efficient with the most advanced batteries that can offer about 500 miles in range by 2026. All while it’s powered by a 71.4 kWh lithium-ion battery where the bZ4X can give you up to 252 miles of range as calculated by the EPA. All while starting at a rate of $42,000.

Cal State Pushes Against Colleges To Offer Bachelor Degrees

Cal State Pushes Against Colleges To Offer Bachelor Degrees

Throughout the course of a year, the California Community College and even the California State University Systems have been clashing on many topics regarding their respective roles in the space of bachelors degrees.

What’s the beef?

Within the past year, California State University systems and California Community Colleges have been pretty contestant of their spots in handling the most accessible and popular type of achievement in college. The Chancellor’s office believes that plenty of community colleges happen to be overstepping their boundaries by way of proposing programs that the Cal State campuses themselves already have been offering. So why would community colleges need to offer anything more than associate’s degrees. The duplicate method doesn’t quite transition as well as one would hope. The rules that had set the issue back has gone to the core of missions for higher education systems being delayed since 1960.

As the California Master Plan for Higher Education has spread the roles clearly for every system, the plan shows an ultimate design for awarding two-year associate degrees and additional career training. All while the Cal State system only offers four-year bachelor’s and master’s degrees throughout which the University of California system as it prioritizes doctoral and research programs.

As of recent, the fresh laws let the community college system can approve about north of 30 new bachelor’s degree programs every year through one of the state’s 116 community colleges.

In specific, with the law having had gone into effect, Community colleges are only able to give bachelor’s degrees in many unique fields that public universities can’t supply.

And that’s a shame that certain schools aren’t expected to help out. a student in reaching their financial goals. That wouldn’t ordinarily be something that is to be expected from universities that colleges can just transfer their credits to.

The whole thing about colleges and universities is that they are both businesses at the end of the day. Just under the impression that they are both meant to make money that can operate satisfactorily for the sake of the investors. That should be well-understood by now to be a fact in the business. Likely, they’ll come to an agreement that will allow for Bachelor Degrees to be applied to specific areas of studies. This accomplishment is a genuine path of righteousness in the eyes of the average collegiate. It doesn’t matter where you get the Bachelor’s Degree. It’s an impressive feat nonetheless.

Why Should You Ship Your Vehicle?

Why Should You Ship Your Vehicle?

Are you or someone you know moving a large distance, like across several states or all the way across the country? Well, we suggest shipping your car! It takes so much extra hassle out of the moving process and can eliminate a large amount of stress for you and your family! Shipping your vehicle will also ultimately save you time and money! Who does not want to save on stress, time, and money?

Shipping your car with us here at San Diego Auto Transport is the best decision you will make in your entire moving process! You will be putting your trust in the right hands. We are the most reliable auto shipping company with the most options for the best prices on the market! Whether you are looking to keep your car inside with enclosed auto shipping or go with the least expensive, most popular method of open auto shipping, we can do it all for you!

Save miles on your car when you ship it!

Sometimes a move can be thousands of miles of distance to cover. To drive your car that distance yourself, you would pay high prices in gas, time (since it would be a multi-day trip), and miles. You will put unnecessary wear and tear on your car by forcing it to drive that distance itself. Furthermore, if you have a lease, you would be wasting your limited miles! Take advantage of our shipping services to help keep your car in tip-top shape!

Going with our open car transportation service is a great idea, especially if you have a family with multiple cars. With our open-air shipping, you can ship multiple vehicles on the same truck, guaranteeing that all of your cars make it to your new home together.

If you are someone with a boat leaving San Diego, we can help with that too!

We do not just ship cars, so if you have things like a boat, an RV, or other transportation vehicles, we can ship them all! There is no reason to leave anything behind! Call us today and receive a free quote on shipping all of your vehicles today!

Fentanyl Bust Keeps Going At U.S.-Mexico Border

Fentanyl Bust Keeps Going At U.S.-Mexico Border

So many drugs have been shipped between Mexico and United States. The authorities have had to grab hold of 3,000 pounds of fentanyl in San Diego County within the distance of March and May, while it also shows a 300% upgrade from the one time last year to now. In particular, the southwest border had been seen as an.

San Diego County is known as a “epicenter” for fentanyl trafficking while there’s been more drug dealing in local communities now than even beforehand.

About half of every fentanyl seizure, all along the U.S.-Mexico border has been taken in the San Diego radius.

When noticing the effects of fentanyl on the national scale, there has been beyond 2,300 people dying from accidental fentanyl O.D. cases since about 2019. All of this is accordingly accurate, as noted by data derived from the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Such a drug itself has majorly inconvenienced many unhoused communities, while the overall number of fatal overdoses where fentanyl was a factor had been lower in 2022, and moreso even in 2023.

Therefore, the safest assumption to make is how all the authorities around San Diego have been able to snatch around 8,800 pounds. This would totally topple the quantity that has been taken in the past fiscal year with only four months left. All in accordance to data derived from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Such an increase will show through in many years of fentanyl seizures prominent in the San Diego area. That’s been the case since about 2019. Through five years, the fentanyl that continuously gets seized by authorities has gone beyond the original amount recorded, about five times over.

Such data does not account for a more grim question: how much fentanyl remains undiscovered within the community?

Other worries that come across regarding Fentanyl include the purity of which is possible to be found in the fentanyl itself. Such a discovery could be indicative of just how lethal and what the dosage is within every offering of the most dangerous drug.

Higher volumes of drug trade could definitely lead to more risks for the community.

As it stands, cocaine and methamphetamine keeps accounting for such a huge share of illegal drugs that may even outpace and replace the heroin’s very own rates.

The Agency has been going through many various drug busts and have seen the hundreds of pounds of fentanyl crossing through, within a sedan at the Otay Mesa Port of Entry.

As interdiction is not simply the only answer when solving the drug dilemma, the natural course of action is to truly diffuse the substance abuse problems that lay consistent in the United States.

Tips for Driving on California Freeways

Tips for Driving on California Freeways

Driving on a California Freeway can be intimidating to newbies, especially if you are new to driving in general. California Freeways are quite different from regular streets and even quite different than highways and interstates in other states. The freeways have some spoken and unspoken rules that people tend to follow when driving and we are here to remind you of those and offer some tips on how to navigate driving on a freeway.

Follow the Speed Limit

While having a long, open road often entices people to drive faster, it is still important to remember what the speed limit is and abide by it. The speed limit has been placed to keep drivers safe on the road, so it is important to stick to it.

With that said one unspoken rule of freeway driving is that slower traffic keeps to the right and faster traffic keeps to the left. The furthest left lane, which is not a carpool lane, is always considered the fast lane on a freeway, and the furthest right lane is the slow lane.

Change Lanes When Safe

Changing lanes on the freeway can be one of the biggest anxiety inducers in drivers not used to the flow of driving on California freeways. It is important to always stick to the basic ideas of safety when changing lanes. Always check side mirrors, the rearview mirror, and all blind spots. Use your turn signal as you prepare to change lanes. Make the change through subtle steering wheel movements; when you change lanes it is important to not be jerky with your movements.

Pay Attention to the Road

Distracted driving is an accident waiting to happen. Eliminate the risk of distraction by staying off your phone while driving and avoid tasks that require your hands such as eating or drinking.

Make Sure You Are Well Rested

Before you drive, whether early in the morning, for a lengthy period of time, or just in the middle of the afternoon, make sure you are in the right state of mind to drive. If you are in any way tired, consider avoiding driving if possible.

Stay Alert

Staying alert means being aware of your surroundings at all times. Driving, especially on a California freeway, requires mental multitasking in order to remain aware of the surroundings in front of you, next to you, and even behind you. You want to make sure you pay attention to sudden stops, animals, debris, potholes, and so many more things that could pose an external threat to your driving.

The June Strawberry Moon Has Come and Gone

The June Strawberry Moon Has Come and Gone

The June Strawberry Moon Has Come and Gone

This past weekend we witnessed the June Strawberry Moon. On Saturday, the third of June, if you looked up at the sky just after sunset, you likely caught a glimpse of this stunning full moon. This full moon is the last of the spring/first of summer. While it does possess a similar color to a strawberry, that is actually not where the name comes from. So where exactly does the name originate and what is the history of the moon?

Why the nickname “Strawberry Moon?”

The full moon that comes in June has been referred to as the Strawberry Moon for quite some time. It does appear to have a color like that of a strawberry, as it appears to have a pinkish, almost reddish tone, but that is not why it earned the name of the Strawberry Moon. The name actually comes from Native American Algonquian, Ojibwe, Dakota, and Lakota tribes. The name stems from the fact that the moon marks the opening of June and thus the season in which strawberries flourish in growth.

The reddish hue actually comes simply from the fact that it is close to the horizon. Moons that settle close to the horizon reflect a red tone as their placement causes light rays to pass through the heaviest layers of the atmosphere, creating a red color.

The moon also has a few other names that it goes by to separate groups of people.

The Anishinaabe tribe calls the June moon the Blooming Moon, as it represents the beginning of the flowering season. The Cherokee tribe refers to the moon as the Green Corn Moon as it represents the time to tend to young crops to them. All different groups of people use different names to refer to the moon as the moon represents different things to each group.

Not only does the moon go by a few different names, but it also has its own folklore behind it that. People say that after a moon that brings growth, like the Strawberry Moon, we enter a time that brings good luck to those getting married. People also say that the days following full moons tend to be rainy or stormy, sometimes even both. If you are a fan of fishing in any capacity, they say that crabbing, shrimping, and clamming are at their prime when there is a full moon.

Attention All Car Lovers: You Must Visit San Diego’s Auto Museum

Attention All Car Lovers: You Must Visit San Diego’s Auto Museum

If you are a car lover or just looking for something to do in San Diego, then we recommend going to San Diego’s Automotive Museum! Here they have exhibits for all kinds of automobiles and provide engaging activities that everyone in the family will love!

The museum has constantly changing exhibits, currently with ones called “Innovative Electrics,” “Louis Mattar’s Fabulous Car,” one dedicated to Harley Davidsons, and many more!

The Innovative Electrics exhibit showcases the history of our attempts at vehicles that reduced the use of fossil fuels. You can see the growth as each vehicle proved better and better. On display here are automobiles such as the 1999 EV Global Electric Bike, the 2010 Tesla Roadster, and the 2021 Little Giant EV.

Here you can also view Louis Mattar’s famous car. This is a 1947 Cadillac that Mattar custom renovated into his dream car. He embarked on a cross-country, non-stop drive with two other men. Their trip ended up being 6,320 miles and went from San Diego to New York and back. Mattar customized the car to have anything they could have possibly needed. It housed an electric stove, refrigerator, washing machine, chemical toilet, ironing board, medicine cabinet, and kitchen sink, all in the backseat. This home packed into an old-fashioned Caddy can be viewed by the masses now at the San Diego Automotive Museum.

At the Harley Davidson exhibit, patrons can see a variety of motorbikes from all different points in the brand’s history.

The museum also welcomes guests to a number of large events that they host throughout the year. They hold car shows, gatherings for the car community, and a special event called “The Party in the Park.” The event is a gala to sponsor the museum and this year the theme is Rhinestone Cowboy!

The museum sets out to fulfill its mission statement which states the goal is “to tell the story of the social and technological past, present, and future of motorized vehicles throughout its collections, exhibitions, and educational programs.” We would definitely say they succeed!

Night Train Designed To Travel Throughout California

Night Train Designed To Travel Throughout California

As it turns out, a new small company has emerged from Newport Beach, California. It’s pretty exciting as it allows for the first-class passenger train service benefitting various walks of life in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Of course, there was a means by Dreamstar Lines, Incorporated is interested in lining up the railcars, staffing, financing and agreements that are necessary to allow for the premiere night train on the route for many years.

Dreamstar Lines keep up with talks with Metrolink and Union Pacific, they themselves own and control a little bit of the 470-mile route. Bot those companies are certainly in touch with Dream Lines Inc. So many Californians are more interested in driving or flying between either city.

Tom Eastmond, the Dreamstar founder has himself stated how the brand-new service is going to annihilate the distance, all thanks to sleeping. There’s plenty of worry to be had. All while the travelers having slept in private rooms have been doing so as the train keeps travelling to San Francisco. The train is always likely to depart at 10 p.m. only for it to arrive at 8:30 a.m. as it would utilize the same route as Amtrak’s Coast Starlight

Fares would cost anywhere from $300, $600 and $1,000.

Construction through another train is beginning so that one can arrive through the South California region. All while the residents that can travel towards Las Vegas as it is all anticipated efficiency. Company officials are hopeful that such a project can erase around 400,000 tons of CO2 from roads on an annual basis, all while relieving traffic on Interstate 15.

It looks like this project is known to be completed in 2026 or 2027, as reported by the International Railway Journey.

It’s very important to really keep in mind how to be better relocated through the state of California when travelling at night. The biggest sense of importance that can be found in this train is how the vehicle itself can service the greater surroundings of California. It’s all very helpful for anyone who was just a little hopeful about Elon Musk’s Hyperloop project. It’s all necessary as Californians travel wherever and however they can while enjoying themselves in the Golden State. The important part about these trains is that they can run at night, uninterrupted.

If that isn’t the most helpful way of saving gasoline and not emitting toxic chemicals into the air, than who knows what is?

What is Heavy Hauling in Auto Transport?

What is Heavy Hauling in Auto Transport?

When it comes to shipping vehicles, our team knows what goes into every single shipment. That includes heavy hauling, which is a bit different from usual shipments. In fact, most car shippers avoid them entirely! They think these shipments are too challenging and simply not worth the effort to make them happen.

Not us at San Diego Auto Shipping. We rise to the occasion to meet any challenge you may have for us. Even if you have an oversized vehicle, we can handle it with ease. Here’s how we take care of heavy hauls:

First, we get the right equipment.

Equipment is very important when it comes to heavy hauls. We have to make sure that our trucks have the hauling capacity, of course, but we also need to make sure we have the right trailer. Heavy hauls are overdimensional in some way, and the way they’re overdimensional matters. Is the vehicle too tall to fit under an overpass bridge? Is it too long to travel by normal means? These questions inform the type of trailer that our team uses.

Then, we get heavy hauling permits.

Heavy hauls require permits to be properly hauled. This is due to the disruptions that heavy hauling can cause to the normal flow of traffic. On top of that, heavy hauls can cause more wear and tear on the road. At San Diego Auto Shipping, we know how to get every kind of oversize or overweight permit out there. You just leave it to us, and we’ll take care of all of the paperwork that your oversize haul needs. We’ll determine the proper route, contact the proper authorities, and haul your vehicle with ease.

It’s that simple!

Our team doesn’t mess around with our heavy hauls. We know that you need your extra-large vehicle as soon as you can get it. So we’ll use our expertise in heavy hauling to make sure you get your vehicle as soon as possible. Want to quit waiting around for your vehicle to get to its destination? Contact our incredible heavy haul team today!

San Diego Ambulance Services to Undergo a Change

San Diego Ambulance Services to Undergo a Change

In November 2021, the City of San Diego handed over responsibility for its ambulance services to Falck. The private ambulance provider promised to improve ambulance response times across the city. However, it has fallen short of its lofty goals. The city is now taking action to ensure that San Diegans will be able to get to the hospital on time.

Under the new plan, the city will handle billing and staffing for Falck. It will also be able to hire other companies, meaning that Falck will no longer be an exclusive provider. While the city is still working on the plan, it’s safe to say that things will change in San Diego soon.

Notably, the city is not going to take complete control of ambulance services in the city. In other major California cities, like Los Angeles, the city completely operates all ambulances. The paramedics who work in ambulances are all city employees. That will not be the case in San Diego, where the city is simply becoming more involved in Falck’s services. And it’s a good thing that it’s doing so, because Falck was falling short.

San Diego was unsatisfied with Falck’s ambulance services.

When the city of San Diego awarded Falck its contract, it came with some expectations. Falck promised to provide over 1,000 hours per day of ambulance coverage. That came with the requirement to have the proper amount of medical staff to cover those hours.

Falck has failed to meet those conditions of its contract. It usually provides around 950 hours of coverage per day. While that’s an improvement over San Diego’s last ambulance company, it does represent a breach of its contract with the city.

Negotiations over the transition are ongoing and should continue for a while. Once the city and Falck reach an agreement, implementation of the new plan will take a few months. In the interim, Falck will work side-by-side with another provider to help cover San Diegans.

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