County Fair Returns For The First Time Since Corona Virus Pandemic

County Fair Returns For The First Time Since Corona Virus Pandemic

If I’ve wrote it once, chances are, I wrote it a thousand times before. But the COVID-19 pandemic was one catastrophic global event for the books. Not only did millions die and seeing family and friends became virtually impossible, but there was also no way to enjoy outdoor activities. And while things were a little less extreme in 2021, 2022 is the year to really celebrate. Because this year, life finally feels like it’s back in full swing. By the time next week rolls around, it will be totally cool to enjoy the outdoors in preparation for the San Diego County Fair! That’s right! You read me! The San Diego County Fair returns!

It’s coming back specifically to the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

In the year before, the fair had to be scaled down a lot. Just for safety precautions. People were still unsure about vaccines and the very trick of it was that masks were entirely essential so close to COVID-19 still existing. But now that the two-year hiatus is over, there will be plenty to enjoy. This is the hope of Jackie Eshelby, the Director of Agriculture and Education in San Diego. “It was a multi-day event that celebrated the community and kind of reopening, but it wasn’t anywhere near the San Diego County Fair.”

You’ll have all sorts of excitement to look forward to this year. From the rides and interactive attractions, to the newest additions, such as a dairy exhibit! Wonder what that entails?

Eshelby knows! “ At the end of each milking, you can purchase ice-cold milk, and I can tell you from Homegrown Fun, the chocolate milk cannot be beat!”

Other such tasty foods include the Australian battered potatoes, served with classic ranch, cheese sauce, bacon and chipotle.

Tickets for the event range from $12 to $20! Not a bad price. (It’s free if you’re a child interested in attending.)

The fair has a very fitting theme. Before the pandemic wreaked havoc on the county fairs of America, “Heroes Reunite” was the ideal theme for 2020’s event.

Well now it’s even more perfect. Eshelby seconds this. “We are all heroes at the end of the day. What we’ve all been through this past year and having to pivot at home, with your children and the classroom.”

If you are indeed fixing up to go to the San Diego County Fair next week at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, you must purchase your tickets and admission online at the following website:

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Time’s Up For Polinsky Child Emergency Shelter After State Violations

Time’s Up For Polinsky Child Emergency Shelter After State Violations

The Polinsky Children’s Center has been known to violate the rules beyond the state policies. There are people that work at the Polinsky Center with no real training.

Rachel Randolph herself is a residential care worker has said “Polinksy is a temporary shelter for children in need.” She has been an employee with the county for almost a decade. And yet her duties include looking over the campus, as well as housing and support for the Polinsky Children’s Center.

Randolph says that being a representative for the union speaks aloud about the Polinsky Children’s Center. Randolph says, “As a union steward, I get a lot of emails and a lot of phone calls due to being short-staffed, which is on a regular basis, staff feeling they’re not supported. The staff do not feel supported at all.”

There isn’t a lot different you have to do with a children’s emergency shelter at all. It’s really quite simple when you get down to brass tacks. But this one in particular doesn’t seem to really get the understanding of properly respecting the children involved.

Polinsky itself is not a locked facility.

That data qualifies due to the fact that in the past three years and months, there had been beyond 2,000 calls for service in the address of the Polinsky Center. With all sorts of complaints, like disturbing the peace with threats towards weapons and runaway juveniles.

The county themselves had allowed teenagers to live in a similar housing unit. There was also a high concentration of drugs and alcohol on the campus while there had been kids on AWOL (which in itself was a military term indicating “away without leave.”) But for the Polinsky Center in particular, it means when the kids depart from the center minus permission from the staff.

Polinsky has been undergoing renovations to decrease the number of AWOL youth. The renovations are also including the installation of more video cameras and upgrades.

A letter had been sent by the state of California addressing the lack of attention made towards the San Diego County’s Child Welfare Services. A little bit of the letter included a statement:

The County has reported hundreds of children are placed at Polinsky each year, many of whom are under the age of six years old, with an average stay that exceeds the maximum allowable length of stay of ten days for a temporary shelter care facility.

Of course, the Polinsky Center has doubled the number of children under the age of six staying beyond 30 days in shelter care than any other similar sized shelter care facility. With the pandemic itself, there had been a national crisis that had kept kids much longer than anticipated.

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Windy Conditions Endanger Local Citizens With Strong Gusts

Windy Conditions Endanger Local Citizens With Strong Gusts

You will have to be careful if you ever have lawn furniture out on the lawn. This is definitely because of how windy conditions can endanger your home. Especially this week. There’s a real danger that there can be a specific threat to denizens of the County. Such news comes from the National Weather Service. In which case, it’s said that a low pressure system is inbound from the Pacific Northwest. It deepens through to the marine layer at around 3,500 feet. In such a circumstance, this can whip winds up and about out of nowhere.

These Wind Conditions Are No Lofty Matter.

The weather is going to hit the beach side in a breezy matter by later this afternoon. In which case the biggest waves of wind will occur from 10 pm to early Tuesday morning.

Such winds can hit the coast all around Interstate 8, in a rough divide between the SD and Imperial counties. There’s even a stark possibility of dust clouds emerging.

It’s a known fact that high winds could very well be in effect in desert areas from 4 pm Monday to 5 am on Tuesday.

Today, the daytime highs will spread from mid to upper 60s as far as the temperature is concerned. Tomorrow? Expect the high to go from 1 to 62 degrees. In this age, the seasonal average hits at about 68.

Wind aside, there’s no likelihood that the storm could possibly create too much rain.

Inland valleys are likely to see a little rain as well. The conditions are likely to linger on in Tuesday with temperatures getting forecast to 5-15 degrees lower. High-wind advisory is likely to rise to a high-wind warning. Windy and cloudy conditions will create a cold-start to the week of San Diego County, with various parts of the county facing the rain.

As of the writing right now, it’s looking to average between 12 miles per hour and 24 miles per hour, though the specific speed and direction is 9.2 miles per hour at a south west direction.

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Small Heat Wave Coming Through San Diego

Small Heat Wave Coming Through San Diego

After a weekend of cooler temperatures and light rain, San Diego will see heat above usual seasonal highs this week. The heat wave should last until the weekend. Then, cooler temperatures and a chance of rain will return.

San Diegans can also expect Santa Ana winds throughout the week. However, the winds won’t be particularly strong. The winds should top out at 20mph along the coast and creep up to a maximum of 45mph inland.

The high pressure system will drive temperatures up into the 80s at San Diego International Airport, well above the mid-60s seasonal high. Escondido should get a little warmer with a forecasted high in the high-80s by mid-week. The coast will be in the low 70s.

This time of year, warmer temperatures are often seen as a welcome break from the winter. However, the temperatures are high enough to be uncomfortable for some. Furthermore, the lack of rainfall in the area is becoming an increasing cause for concern as summer approaches.

Heat wave will prevent needed rain

San Diego has been struggling with low rainfall for some time now. San Diego has yet to recover from the driest January on record since 2014, and has yet to return to average rainfall. Unfortunately, this may mean a worse fire season come summer time.

The weekend saw a bit of rainfall, but not enough to shore up the growing gap. At best, the small storm dropped a little more than half an inch. However, with San Diego around 3 inches below average, such little rainfall will do little to restore the area.

Hopefully, the chance of rainfall after this hot week will close that gap a bit. If not, then San Diego will be in for a very dry and brown summer. The city could face serious fire issues once August, the usual hottest month of the year, rolls around.

Grants Grow to $6M for the Benefit of Small Businesses

Grants Grow to $6M for the Benefit of Small Businesses

Grants in excess of an additional $6 million in allocations to help San Diegans were announced by Mayor Todd Gloria. This grant money is part of Gloria’s effort to help the city resident recover from the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Also, it is part of the City of San Diego’s Small Business and Nonprofit Relief Fund program. This is in partnership with The San Diego Foundation. 

Moreover, in total, the grant program has, in fact, gone and provided relief to 1,514 small businesses and 166 nonprofit organizations in San Diego.

“In fact, today I am proud to announce that we have actually provided an additional $6 million in small business and nonprofit grants throughout the city of San Diego. Therefore, this amount is on top of the $6 million that we have actually announcing back in November of last year,” Mayor Gloria said.

Moreover, this financial assistance is part of Mayor Gloria’s “Back to Work SD” program, which is allocating $10 million for small business and nonprofit grants. The San Diego Foundation has provided an additional $2 million to support local nonprofit organizations. It is to increase the total program funding to $12 million. 

Grants – Local Partners

Also, the local partners include the County of San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce, Asian Business Association of San Diego, San Diego County Imperial Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and San Diego & Imperial Small Business Development Center. Moreover, they have helped connect these funds to local businesses.

Thus, the Women’s Museum of California was one of the grant recipients. The director of the museum, Felicia Shaw, has said she’s already used the money to hire two employees.

“[These] two positions are going to be really amazing and important to the organization. It would be to do community outreach, programming. In fact, these are young women of color who were unemploying before this happened. Therefore, so we are doing the work,” she said.

Also, the relief grants to nonprofit organizations do, in fact, range from $5,000 to $100,000. Ten nonprofit organizations received $100,000 grants, including:

Casa Familiar; ElderHelp of San Diego, Elementary Institute of Science; Media Arts Center San Diego; Monarch School Project; New Americans Museum and Immigrant Learning Center; Nile Sisters Development Initiative; Urban Corps of San Diego County; Wesley House Student Residence and Women’s History Reclamation Project with the Women’s Museum of California.

Microbusinesses Granted $2,500 Each, Thanks to Multi-Million Donation

Microbusinesses Granted $2,500 Each, Thanks to Multi-Million Donation

Microbusinesses including those that are affecting by the COVID-19 pandemic will receive almost $3.9 million. It was a decision made by the county supervisors on Tuesday which was unanimously approving. This is part of a grant program that is partially funding by a state office.

Microbusinesses – Grants

Also, the supervisors have approved a total of $3.875 million to provide grants of $2,500 each to eligible businesses. In fact, the California Office of the Small Business Advocate is also providing partial funding for the county grant program.

Moreover, to qualify, the businesses must have earned less than $50,000 in 2019. Plus also be the owner’s primary source of income. In fact, they have five or fewer employees. It would be this year and in 2019 through 2021.

In fact, the microbusiness owners would also be eligible that is if they were very much impacted by COVID-19. Therefore, they haven’t received any grant money from the state Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program.

Businesses such as pet sitting, professional shopping, cleaning, home health care, and sidewalk vendors or food cart operators could benefit from the grants.

Business owners can thus use the money to purchase equipment. This is according to Board Chairman Nathan Fletcher’s office. Also, then go on to invest in working capital and then apply for new permits. These would be debts and costs that were accruing because of COVID-19. In fact, the funds will be prioritizing for those in rural areas, low-income or low-wealth communities. Also, for businesses majority-owned and operated by veterans, women, or persons of color, this is according to the county.

“In fact, small business owners have had to endure a lot the last two years,” Fletcher said in a statement. “When you’re a business owner that employs fewer than five full-time workers, the margins can really be thin. Actually, every dollar matters. Moreover, it is a small step we can, in fact, take to support our local entrepreneurs.”

COVID-19 Cases Lift the Roof on Pre-Existing Records

COVID-19 Cases Lift the Roof on Pre-Existing Records

COVID-19 cases from Friday to Monday recorded by San Diego County have pushed the county’s overall cases way over the 600,000 mark. In its most recent data, the county Health and Human Services Agency reported.

Escalating Case Numbers

On Friday, there were 10,990 cases. Then, on Saturday, there were 8,991 cases. Next on Sunday, there were 7,460 and on Monday, there were 8,013. It was a total of 35,454 new cases over the holiday weekend. This was what the county did report.

From the HHSA, the new data along with another three deaths were reporting over this same period did increase the county’s cumulative totals to 604,079 cases. This includes 4,5438 deaths since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Moreover, the county does not release information on the tests, infections, or deaths on weekends or holidays.

San Diego Hospitals Reports Increases in COVID-19 Positive Patients

Increasing by 29 people to 1,289 is the number of COVID-19 positive patients in San Diego Country hospitals. This is the most up-to-date state data. The hospitalizations spike has appeared to become less steep, experts have said. While they are still increasing.

The UC San Diego Health’s chief medical officer, Christopher Longhurst, did a post on Twitter that there are “several signs we are sliding down the Omicron slope,” with the case rates and hospitalizations which are on the decline thus comparing to a week ago.

One-hundred and 96 hospitalized patients were in intensive care. It is up to three from the prior day.

Behind only Los Angeles County, San Diego County had the second-most COVID-19 positive hospital patients in California.

Hospital-Mandated Test

Being hospitalizing for other reasons are some of those patients. In fact, they had their COVID-19 status which is discovering by hospital-mandated tests.

San Diegans, totaling 906,615, to date, have received vaccine booster shots. Also, the CDC recommends a Pfizer or Moderna booster shot next five months after the second dose. Two months after the second dose, a Johnson & Johnson booster is recommending. For everyone 12 years and older, Pfizer boosters have been approving. Only available for adults 18 years and older are Moderna and Johnson & Johnson boosters.

Freezing Temperatures Fall In Town As Citizens Get The Cold Shoulder

Freezing Temperatures Fall In Town As Citizens Get The Cold Shoulder

As the New Year suddenly becomes a time that we all get used to, an overflow of freezing temperatures glazes over the valleys and deserts. Of course, one has to consider the danger of a freezing warning from the NWS, otherwise known as the National Weather Service.

This notice was offered from midnight on Sunday to earlier this morning. In which case, the frost advisory had been issued for the same time period for the valleys. Of course, the freezing warning from the NWS may come again somehow, in another time. One has to mind the very clear likelihood that freak temperatures can come around the area very easily.

It’s scary to feel like you’re freezing in these days.

Temperatures, as high as they could go, only reached about 63 degrees with overnight lows of about 33-43. The Mountain highs were even worse: 45-54 with lows in the night being as close to 27-33.

High-tides of about 7 feet had been seen in low-lying beaches where brief periods would show minor tidal overflow. Of course, there would be a return of the marine layer, starting from Monday afternoon into Tuesday morning. Low clouds are likely to reach the coast late Monday and spread inland towards the western valleys on Monday night and Tuesday morning.

One can see that there have been light marine layer precipitation, due west in anticipation of Friday and Saturday.

Omicron Case of Corona Within The County Puts Community On Edge

Omicron Case of Corona Within The County Puts Community On Edge

A man in his 30s is believed to have contracted the Omicron COVID-19 variant locally, the County Health and Human Services Agency announced today.

The County continues to work with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the California Department of Public Health to review existing recommendations and determine if changes should be made in the region.

The patient tested positive for COVID-19 Dec. 8. The San Diego Epidemiology and Research for COVID Health Alliance conducted whole genome sequencing and determined it was the Omicron variant late in the evening Dec. 9. The latest case was first detected through the Expedited COVID Identification Environment lab at UC San Diego.

The San Diego County resident did not have a travel history, had mild symptoms which have resolved, and he did not need to be hospitalized. The man, who was fully vaccinated and had received his booster shot more than two weeks earlier, is currently at home in isolation.

Be Safe From Omicron!

Dr. Wooten recommends the following measures to protect against all varieties of COVID-19, including the Omicron variant:

  • Get vaccinated and get a booster if you qualify. The vaccine is available at health care providers, retail pharmacies and community clinics. You can also make an appointment or find a site near you by calling (833) 422-4255 or visiting the My Turn website.
  • Wear a mask, especially in public indoor settings, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Get tested if you’ve traveled or have any symptoms, whether you’ve been vaccinated or not. You can make a free test appointment or find a walk-in test clinic at

Tax Refunds Are Only Available To Claim For A Little Longer

Tax Refunds Are Only Available To Claim For A Little Longer

If you’re waiting for your tax refunds to come back, chances are you should just claim them already. At least, that’s what the County Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Office is telling us. Chances are, they won’t wait much longer before rolling the unclaimed $713,585 dollars back into the general fund. This is what Dan McAllister, Treasurer-Tax Collector, agreed with earlier today. “The average refund is $386, and that can go a long way. At least, for those who are the rightful owners and who need it.”

Of course, since the pandemic, the county has still about 1,771 refunds yet to be claimed in a list found at Currently, only 77 claims have been able to recover about $39,908 in dollars. Granted, if you happen to be owed money, you may be encouraged to follow certain instructions on the unclaimed money page, in order to file a refund claim by December 17th.

This is to say you have an actual in to get the good tax refunds. If you just email your claim to, or even call 1-877-829-4732, you may be able to enjoy such benefits when new unclaimed money lists get their due post.

McAllister continues: “We want all of this money returned to San Diegans, so tell your friends and family to go to to check the unclaimed money list.” At this juncture, the smallest refund is ten bucks. Why wouldn’t you want that money in your possession? You’d have to be a total nincompoop in order to deny that as being a reality.

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