Tax Refunds Are Only Available To Claim For A Little Longer

Tax Refunds Are Only Available To Claim For A Little Longer

If you’re waiting for your tax refunds to come back, chances are you should just claim them already. At least, that’s what the County Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Office is telling us. Chances are, they won’t wait much longer before rolling the unclaimed $713,585 dollars back into the general fund. This is what Dan McAllister, Treasurer-Tax Collector, agreed with earlier today. “The average refund is $386, and that can go a long way. At least, for those who are the rightful owners and who need it.”

Of course, since the pandemic, the county has still about 1,771 refunds yet to be claimed in a list found at Currently, only 77 claims have been able to recover about $39,908 in dollars. Granted, if you happen to be owed money, you may be encouraged to follow certain instructions on the unclaimed money page, in order to file a refund claim by December 17th.

This is to say you have an actual in to get the good tax refunds. If you just email your claim to, or even call 1-877-829-4732, you may be able to enjoy such benefits when new unclaimed money lists get their due post.

McAllister continues: “We want all of this money returned to San Diegans, so tell your friends and family to go to to check the unclaimed money list.” At this juncture, the smallest refund is ten bucks. Why wouldn’t you want that money in your possession? You’d have to be a total nincompoop in order to deny that as being a reality.

Flights Are Cancelled By The Thousands, All Over The International Airport

Flights Are Cancelled By The Thousands, All Over The International Airport

American Airlines did themselves a dirty deed by deciding to cancel beyond one thousand nine hundred flights to everywhere in the country this past weekend. The reason why? Bad weather and horrible luck with staff accountability. An air travel analyst of California has long been studying travel patterns in the area. His name is Henry Harteveldt. And what he has to say may make sense. “It’s a function of this bad weather occurring at the end of the month.” In the beginning of Sunday, nine flights were canceled from American Airlines.

End of Sunday? 1,022 flights are no more.

Beyond the International Airport, 1,900 flights were donezo across the United States. Tough climates in certain southern states also contributed to the madness. “We are taking this measure to minimize any inconvenience as much as possible. Most of the customers impacted by these changes are being rebooked the same day, and we apologize for having to make these changes.” These are the words of David Seymour, the COO of AA. The likelihood of weather bettering by the holidays is one thing. But how many people, coming out of a pandemic, are really going to want to be staffed up right now? When Thanksgiving is approaching. The likelihood is that over 4,000 new team members will join the ranks. At the very least, by the fourth quarter.

According to Seymour, 1,800 will be returning from leave in the coming days, as the remainder return by December first. Additionally, over six hundred new hires are hitting the property by December 1st. For safety reasons, flight crews are only able to hit a specific amount of hours to work lawfully for safety reasons. Certainly, if that’s a legitimate reason to have less flight attendants then okay. So be the scenarios and whatever they may invoke for passengers.

Locals Getting Too Sick From All This Influenza-Fever

Locals Getting Too Sick From All This Influenza-Fever

Lately, bad luck has been swamping the locals. As it turns out, plenty of influenza cases are reporting in the area, while the season shows a higher rate of this being the average for the same time in years prior. Isn’t that crazy?

In the past, about 195 cases of lab-for-sure influenza cases have been reported… Up to today, really. So seeing a jump from the last five years is truly a remarkable fear.

“San Diegans should get vaccinated as soon as possible to protect themselves and their families,” says Cameron Kaiser, M.D., M.P.H., County deputy public health officer. “Getting a flu shot is especially important given that COVID-19 is still negatively impacting our communities. Influenza and COVID-19 can both be significant respiratory illnesses and we have safe and effective vaccines for both. You can even get a flu and COVID shot at the same time.”

The following people are likely, more than anyone, to get deadly sick from this flu. :

  • People with chronic medical conditions like asthma, diabetes and lung disease, even if symptoms are under control
  • Pregnant women
  • People aged 65 years and older
  • People who live with or care for others who are at higher risk

The County Health and Human Services Agency made it known that this influenza is relatively dangerous.

This is a pretty wild circumstance. The implications of which could complicate life for all San Diegans in the area. So what are you going to do about all of this?

So what can you do to make sure that you do not get sick, while we’re also fighting off the residue pandemic?

  • Wash hands thoroughly and often
  • Use hand sanitizers
  • Stay away from sick people
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Clean commonly touched surfaces
  • If you are sick, stay home and avoid contact with others

School District Warns Kids To Avoid School When Positive For COVID-19

School District Warns Kids To Avoid School When Positive For COVID-19

When you go to school, you figure that the Principal, the teachers and even the custodians are going to have basic human cleanliness handled. The truth is, that just isn’t the case anymore. When you go to school nowadays, it’s all about being worried about what germs could likely spring forth in the case that the COVID-19 affects someone positively. Furthermore, there is about one percent of the 20,000 student-strong district, with about plenty of students testing positive for coronavirus.

On top of that, there is a lot of on-site testing that kids will have to put up with at the school district.

Andy Johnsen, the superintendent of the San Marcos Unified School District, had to say, that when it comes to students, some have been “attending school with symptoms present or, in a few limited cases, students attending school with known COVID-19 positive test results.” Only a few kids have been coming in with positive tests without telling anyone. But the problem therein lies that the presence of a virus in an indoor location could cause a brand new outbreak of fear and coronavirus.

“In the vast majority of situations, we’re catching things very quickly, but with more than 19,000 students, you can have a very small handful like this. We do need the public to help us out here.”

The big issue is that the county doesn’t work well with the school district in order to report according to state policy. And each district needs to handle their own coronavirus investigations. But in doing that, no one is truly aware about how wide the problem actually is. So then there’s a real loose survey of the larger districts turning up. And as the schools are monitoring students for symptoms, sending those kids home doesn’t stop the schools from constant testing.

Fifth Surge Imminent As Hospitals Suffer From COVID-19 Pandemic

Fifth Surge Imminent As Hospitals Suffer From COVID-19 Pandemic

There’s a fifth surge that is coming from the COVID-19 pandemic, especially imminent in Southern California. According to the local Response and Recovery Committee, medical leaders around the four major hospital systems are discussing heavy matters. That there is an impact happening in the area, resulting from fake news.

Ironically enough, Councilwoman Marni von Wilpert made headlines, saying that she’s positive for COVID-19. Though she is fully a supporter of vaccines, Wilpert is planning to recover from home. In the meantime, she assures everyone the best medicine is the vaccine.

Throughout the meeting, each of the leaders has talked about the collaborations. As well as how misinformation is challenging treatment efforts, and how the public policies may save the hospitals themselves from being overrun in the fifth surge.

Christopher Longhurst, a Chief Information Officer and Associate Chief Medical Office at UC San Diego Health has told everyone at the meeting that though morale was up for the vaccine, “we’re hospitalizing 700 San Diegans again with the bulk of those being unvaccinated, it’s really striking our team members to be quite difficult.” Sadly, he added that staffing has always been problematic since the health care workers involving themselves have already started to feel their energy burnt at both ends.

A fifth surge is likely going to cause a twindemic during the winter. Being that COVID and the flu alike are still rampant

Longhurst believes that the fifth surge should kick in around November and reach its peak in January 2022. A mask mandate may likely be in place by then. As well as mandatory, vaccination card to be shown for indoor dining and gyms. These are all troubling times. Who really knows what to do? Get vaccinations. Get boosters.

Local Essential Workers Rally Hoping for New Contract

Local Essential Workers Rally Hoping for  New Contract

Local essential workers gathered in front of a CVS pharmacy in West Coast state and city. The large and loud crowd, including Mayor Todd Gloria and other top leaders, got together on Monday in support of local essential workers looking to secure a new contract.

Local Essential Workers and Health Care Enrollment

“From a Northern city in West Coast State, there are over 8,400 workers to the border. There are just barely 1,300 that are enrolling in a company plan,” said Todd Walters. He is a member of the UFCW Local 135.

Unfair Labor Practices Spurs Labor Day Rally

UFCW Local 135 and the San Diego and the local Counties Labor Council did set up the Labor Day rally. That was to bring attention to what they saying is unfair labor practices. These frontline workers, who, for the most part, say they kept CVS open during the COVID-19 pandemic, are now arguing the contract they are being offered does not value them as essential workers.

Getting Health Insurance is Major Issue

“The most pertinent thing we are really trying to get is health insurance,” Walters said during the rally. “CVS is part of Aetna. Moreover, they are a health care insurance provider. The company medical plan is really so expensive. As a result, many of the workers are on medical or other assistance programs.”

Giving Respect to the Local Essential Workers

Gloria supports and lists many projects workers and the unions’ aid with.

“We really always know that it is workers that make the city work, however, it’s union workers and standing up for workers that are changing San Diego for the better,” Gloria said. “I believe in the power of collective bargaining of organizing and employees coming together to assert themselves and advocate for their rights.”

There have been more than two dozen bargaining sessions between the UFCW Local 135 and CVS. This is according to union representatives. However, there is still no deal yet in sight.

Clerks Get a Potential Paltry Rise

“In fact, we are trying to negotiate minimum wages,” Walters said. “On Thursday, the company’s last proposal to us was a 30 cent raise for clerks.”

Amazon Investing $12.3 Billion Is Opening Up 4,000 Local Jobs For Locals

Amazon Investing $12.3 Billion Is Opening Up 4,000 Local Jobs For Locals

Recently, Amazon is doing amazing work. By choosing to invest $12.3 Billion in the area, they are creating over four thousand different positions. This is for employment for any locals who are want to find themselves in working for a solid business. As it turns out, the figures had been including the profits via the retailer’s report from yesterday.

Since 2010, the online retailer has been able to invest enough to open about 60 fulfillment centers, 50 delivery stations and about 3 tech hubs. Not to mention oh-so-many Amazon and Whole Foods stores.

It’s a rather large fulfillment center that is utilizing robo-technology under a 3 million-square-foot fulfillment center. This is going to be great for 1,500 individuals as it opens back in Otay Mesa beyond this month.

The economic development director, Christina Bibler is likely approving of this economic push. “We need strong partners like Amazon with continued commitment to support our local economy and create new pathways to thrive.” This is all in the aftermath of the pandemic that she makes this statement.

The San Diego area very much could benefit from this type of exposure from Amazon.

It will not only pay the means necessary for people and potential Amazon employees to exist, but also the training is easy to incorporate for new members of the Amazon hivemind.

Bibler continues on with her optimism by stating the apparent: “Amazon’s investment into our region can provide new beginnings for many San Diegans, and we look forward to their growing presence here.” Isn’t that a nice way of looking at the future? I believe so as well. Truth be told, Amazon is doing everything they can to make sure that the pandemic doesn’t totally ruin someone’s day. It’s all for the greater good, from what it looks like. Can we be happy about that? Yes.

Ghost Guns, or Non-serialized Firearms, To Be Busted By The City Council

Ghost Guns, or Non-serialized Firearms, To Be Busted By The City Council

If you know anything about how our country has been wrong in the past couple of decades? Then you know it’s been largely thanks to firearms. Them and the lack of responsibility our country’s people has taken with them. For instance, in town, about 20% of weapons taken, while police folk investigated crimes, were ghost guns. Now, these are firearms that are illegally unseen with any serial number.

That’s the definition ghost guns hold and the city council has had far enough of it.

To decrease gun violence would be useful because gang-relative crime has been way too prominent. All within the first six months of 2021. Furthermore, there has been an increase of upwards 129% in gang shootings. Since the beginning of this year, when contrasted to the January 1st of before.

The Police Department Chief, David Nisleit, had an announcement to make a month ago. That a task force has been assembled to track down these ghost guns for the authorities to confiscate. And as he made it known at a news conference, it’s integral to the safety of the local denizens.

“That’s why you’re seeing this gun-violence-reduction plan. That’s why you’re also seeing the implementation of this new ghost gun team to really try to drive down our ghost gun violence.”

Without the serial numbers, it becomes more difficult to trace these parts of a gun. So says the City Councilmember Marni Von Wilpert: “As a result, any person with cash in hand, whether a gun trafficker, a domestic abuser or sadly, someone contemplating suicide, can purchase the components to easily build a non-serialized firearm at home.”

You almost wonder if this type of thing is even a real threat or a distraction. I certaibly hope the buck stops here for ghost guns. They are too dangerous,

NASA Gives Local Air & Space Museum A Rare Aircraft For Fun!

NASA Gives Local Air & Space Museum A Rare Aircraft For Fun!

NASA certainly is one of those super generous companies, in that they’ve decidedly given the Air & Space Museum an aircraft that has gone through retirement as recently as last week.

According to NASA, the S-3B Viking left the Glenn Research Center, where technicians would utilize the aircraft as a flight research vessel for beyond sixteen years.

After touching down from the airwaves, the S-3B Viking landed in Gillespie Field, not far from El Cajon. The designers of the craft, Lockheed Martin, made the S-3B for the Navy at first. It would go through countless trials as an anti-submarine warfare aircraft before being passed along like a baton in 2009.

Enter NASA.

The space company actually was able to use it even earlier than the Navy. They changed it up in 2006 for flight research significance. This is with the goal of conducting flight communications research. Virtually all of the weapons have been replaced with civilian avionics as well as GPS systems and satellite communication technologies.

According to a press release by NASA, “One of its major contributions was helping NASA’s aeronautical innovators define communications standards that the Federal Aviation Administration can apply to the unmanned aircraft systems for safe operation in U.S. airspace.”

Thanks to the patronage of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the aircraft will join other relics in the Air & Space Museum in order to educate future generations of visitors for ages to come.

NASA is certainly going out of their way to make the world of tomorrow peaceful today! As evidenced by the rare aircraft becoming a public display as of recent.

NASA has the stuff that is worth noting when it comes to their aircraft. But let’s say you get something just as spacey, if not expensive to ship. Consider going with San Diego Auto Shipping. We have the best auto trailers in the whole country. When you want to transport a fancy vehicle in an enclosed car carrier, visit our website. We’ll be happy to help you out. Call the number (858) 367-3933 to speak with a friendly live agent. We’re excited to be there for you!

Kia Soul Has No More Manual Transmission But Comes With New Logo

Kia Soul Has No More Manual Transmission But Comes With New Logo

The Kia Soul is decidedly changing the tune of their outward branding. As well as their inward drivetrain. The vehicle now comes with a brand new logo while not quite being available with anything but automatic transmission at the moment. Whyever Kia would choose to do this is far beyond my understanding. The Kia Soul still has a lot of familiarity, however, to offer. Such as being the most inexpensive Soul from 2022 thus far. The LX base model is standard with six-speed while holding on to a price of $18,765. And yet the 2022 Soul LX is now just a CVT automatic at a price of $20,635.

Kia Soul Knows How To Hold Your Heart

There’s the logo, the standard equipment, and a large touchscreen. You wonder if Heaven exists on Earth, and it turns out that it does.

Granted, there’s a version of the 2022 Soul that comes with a 201-horsepower turbocharge 1.6-liter inline four with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Other features that come in the vehicle vary from the climate-control, wireless charging pac, more than one USB port and features that were only at one point exclusive on the EX and Turbo trims.

These other vehicles being the S, X-Line and the GT-Line as well. They all come with a 10.3-inch touchscreen.

No one can deny how striking this vehicle can be in the wide open. The Kia Soul is something else. There’s a 2022 Soul out there for you, most likely. You just have to discover if you’re right for it. The game is all about the same taking in the Kia Soul as a distinguished vehicle that is meant for kings, queens and all in betweens. Don’t you get it? The vehicle is an absolute masterpiece. So when you use it, use it wisely. Don’t just go places. Go on races!

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