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San Diego to Del Mar, CA

Del Mar is a small seaside beach city in the north of San Diego County in Southern California. It has an estimated population of 4,427 as of 2017 census. Del Mar’s climate is Mediterranean-subtropical with dry, warm summers and humid, mild winters, and is one of the most desirable climates in the United States. It is the only location where the Torrey Pine tree grows which is the rarest pine in the US.

City’s name is Spanish for “of the sea” or “by the sea,” which reflects its location on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The city holds many beautiful places and attractions for its visitors. For instance, Torrey Pines State Beach, where you can have your rest with family members and friends. The city Antique Show, which is being held three times a year for over 50 years on the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Del Mar is a great place for both living and visiting.

San Diego Auto Shipping

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