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San Diego to San Francisco

San Francisco, officially the City and County of San Francisco, is the commercial, cultural and financial center of Northern California. It is the 4th -most populous city in California and the 13th -most populous in the United States. The city has an estimated population of 870,887 as of 2017 census. The area around the city is known as San Francisco Bay Area. San Francisco is a very artistic city. It is popular all over the world. The first thing that comes to mind is probably the hippies.

The fame of the city by the Bay attracts tourists. It offers a wealth of treasures for its visitors, from the often-foggy bay to the hilly cliffs lined with Victorian homes that overlook the spectacular scenery of the city. Great ethnic and cultural diversity shows itself in the city’s diverse neighborhoods. One of the most popular attractions is the Golden Bridge. We have all seen it in pictures and movies. People who visit Frisco always want to get their own photo of the bridge. And many other attractions offer this city. You will never understand city’s fame unless you visit it.

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